Mary's Crystal (Dam) - Golden Buff
Mary's Benny (Sire) Chocolate/Sable
Mary's Tucker  - Silver White/Buff Parti - 2nd Born - 4:00AM
Mary's Cinnamnon - Golden Buff - 3rd Born - 4:28AM
Mary's Bailey - Silver White/Buff Parti - 4th Born - 5:25AM
Mary's Casey - Silver White/Buff Parti - 5th Born - 5:42AM
Zane (Mr. Midnight) New Parent's
Bette, Bob & Gretchen
Monument, CO
Bailey's (Snow White) New Parent's
Chelsea & Bryan MacDougall
Las Vegas, NV
Cinnamon's New Parent's
David & Linda Halverson  
Elburn, IL
Tucker Benjamin (Apollo) New Parent's
Joanne, John, Alexis, & Andrew Dubiel
Colorado Springs, CO
Casey (Zeus) - New Parent's
Kathleen & Brian Kellams
Highland Ranch, CO
We wanted to thank all of our families who adopted our puppies!!!
I've made videos for our new families of their new puppy
Please go to YouTube
Crystal's & Benny's - Santa's Fantastic Five Litter
Mary's Cocker Haven
The Family that Cares!
American Cocker Spaniel Puppies!
Crystal's Santa's Fantastic Five Litter