Testimonies from Our Families
We are so blessed to have found wonderful
families to adopt our puppies that we wanted
to share some of their stories as well as any
pictures or videos we have received from them.
Mary, I just wanted to say my dad and mom insisted I watch
the video on YouTube!!!

I thought our breeders were great, but you exceeded any
expectations by making sure that my parent's were updated
with Cinnamon's pictures every week.

I have enjoyed watching Cinnamon get bigger and bigger,
my mom Linda and dad David are the ones that adopted
her. I spoke to you briefly on the phone when you were
checking my parents out for adoption.

They are so anxious to get her, my mom is already puppy
proofing the house! lol. Its really nice to find a breeder that
is this close to the puppies. If we choose cockers I would
definitely use you guys.

We have two boston terriers that will get to meet little
cinnamon in July we just cant wait. I just wanted to give
credit wheres credit due and you all definitely need it, you
are doing an outstanding job. And definitely no need to
worry about where she is going she will be just as spoiled if
not MORE as with your family. Thanks

Diana Cotton

To see the video go to YouTube!
Hi Mary,

I'm so sorry I haven't been in
touch. Its just been so busy with
Bailey and moving and whatnot.
She's doing wonderfully! I
absolutely can't get enough of her!
She doing really well with potty
training and has learned some
simple commands. Its been such a
blessing to have her in my life. Ill
attach some pictures!
Chelsea (Bailey)
Thanks Mary!
Thank you for trusting us with Casey and
giving him such a great beginning. We will
definitely keep in contact and I can
certainly bring him for visits (or you can
visit him) if you would like. I will send you
many pictures. He won’t be far away.  It is
so reassuring to know that Casey has
great parents (both human and canine)
that have been taking care of him. I didn’t
have that info with Colby and his start in
life was not nearly as wonderful as Casey’
s has been. I am glad I found you.
Kathleen, Highland Ranch, CO
Hi Mary,

My Angel (Black Cocker Spaniel)
died on the Friday, April 16, 2011
she was 12 1/2 years old.

When we came to your house and I
saw Anastasia she really brighten
up my day. I just wanted to thank
you for holding her until I came up
with the money to adopt her.

She hasn't replace my Angel, but
she really saved my life as I was so
depressed and I thought I wouldn't
be able to love another dog until
she came into my life....

Thank you.
Pat Hannaford, Colorado Springs,
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Hi Mary,

Around June 1, 2011, I had to have Miss
Honey (Buff) put down as she had cancer.  

She was 13 ½ years old and I loved her so

I wanted to thank you for brightening up my
days again.  Since I have adopted Tara my
life is full of joy.

Tara is the darling of the small dog park -
gets lots of attention, as does Teddy.  They
are really getting along well and had a hoot
this morning as they were playing tug of war
and running and chasing each other.  Think
she is what Teddy and I needed. It was hard
for Teddy as he lost his best friend. He
didn't eat and he had trouble sleeping until
Tara came into our lives.

Thank you so much for giving us a gift!!!

Loretta Plunk, Colorado Springs, CO
We are proud to announce that this is Casey (1 year
old picture)...He was from our 1st litter of puppies...
Dear Mary,

We are in love with our new puppy, Maggie Mae!  She has been terrific.  Everything you said about
her is true—she is smart, self-assured, loving (she loves to kiss and be kissed), and she is almost
entirely potty trained (at 12 weeks old), amazing!  I take her to work with me every day and she is
very social.  She’s our answer to the new “shredder”.  She grabs the loose papers and has fun
showing off her stuff in the middle of the office.  When she wears down, she loves to snuggle on my
lap and sleep.  The customers and the employees love it when she pops her head up over my desk
to say “Hello”.  She has been a great stress relief—for sure.

Needless to say, after losing our 13 year companion, Daisy Mae, in September, 2011, I couldn’t
imagine any other dog.  Maggie Mae, however, has helped us heal.  She is wonderful.

Mary, I don’t want to go without saying how much I appreciate you.  You helped us prepare for
Maggie.  I not only gained a new member to our family, but I have gained a terrific friend—You!  I love
our phone chats, and you really helped me during my sadness after losing Daisy.

Thank you for being a terrific Cocker Spaniel breeder.  I will always highly recommend you and I
look forward to getting another Cocker from you someday!

Let’s talk soon—I miss ya!

Kathryn Brundle, Michigan (Maggie Mae)